Pieces Of Miranda

Beautifully handcrafted jewelry

The Idea

Pieces of Miranda came about because I enjoy so many crafting outlets.  The jewelry is just one piece!  I have been making jewelry since I was a kid, but focusing on the wire wrapping of gemstones for the last 15 years.  I guess I have always been drawn to the natural energy of the stones.  I believe these gemstones and minerals hold amazing healing properties! 

My life has been a journey of healing from past traumas and finding a way to thrive!  I have found great comfort in the healing properties of the stones.  It is my hope that I can share some of this natural beauty and healing energy with you through my jewelry.  

Style & Quality

I enjoy every aspect of this business, from finding the best quality gems and stones, to making the jewelry, to interacting with you to make sure you love the piece as much as I do!  

It brings me pleasure to search for just the right stones that speak to me, that bring me inspiration.  I strive to make my wire wraps identical in each piece, I find the symmetry adds to the fine quality.  Some of the stones I work with are special cuts, that are highly unique.  This increases the individuality of each piece.

100% Handmade

Each piece is one of a kind, I never duplicate a design!  Making beautiful jewelry puts me in a happy place.  I enjoy working with my hands, and the energy of the stones.  I allow the paring of colors and stones to speak to me. 

I personally love every item I make, my jewelry comes from the heart!  Hence the name Pieces of Miranda, every design is a piece of me.  I have experienced a lot of positive feed back on my designs, I know you will be happy with your purchase!